Cotton Root Cutters

Gessner have been working with Australian cotton farmers for over 20 years, building and continually innovating our trusted hydraulic cotton root cutters.
  • 178mm x 178mm x 9.5mm toolbar available to suit 4, 6, 8 and 12 row configurations
  • Heavy-duty CAT 3-4N quick hitch
  • 50 x 16 medium-duty depth wheels.
  • Configurations to suit solid, skip and double skip
  • 450mm x 6mm and 500mm x 6mm cutter discs fitted with trash clearing paddles
  • Adjustable spring-loaded mounting arms
  • Heavy-duty mount construction
  • Shear release protection
  • Concealed greasable tapered roller bearings
  • 90 litre per minute hydraulic oil requirement to drive units
  • Staggered row configuration for better trash flow
  • High quality hoses and fittings
  • Hydraulic motors available in different capacities depending on machine size
    • 9 ci motors on 4 row machines
    • 8.0 ci motors on 6 and 8 row machines
To find out more about this product please contact Gessner for more information on +61 (0) 7 4615 0100.
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What our customers say

“Your company’s workmanship is superb. The attention to detail and finish is unrivalled in my experience. I feel I will get many hours of service from the attachments. Your front line staff were also very professional in their dealings with me. Their approach was both friendly and knowledgeable”

Mark Bryant


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