Lewis Modular Push Grader Blades

Gessner’s modular grader blades provide operators with enhanced functionality to enable light clearing capability, versatility and consistent performance.
Gessner’s modular range of grader blades provides operators with enhanced functionality to enable light clearing capability, versatility and consistent performance.

Following extensive research and development, Gessner Industries offers three new options with varying operational capability, including hydraulic lift, hydraulic lift and tilt, and hydraulic lift, tilt and angle configurations.

The three different tiers ensure that customers can invest in equipment which is tailored to their individual requirements and maximising investment efficiency.  All options can be factory fitted by Gessner Industries or shipped direct to the customer with detailed fitting instructions.

Made from premium materials and heavy duty finish, the Lewis grader blades are designed and built to outperform and outlast in Australia’s tough conditions.

Grade Blade Features

  • Hydraulic cylinders featuring hard chrome shafts and CAT type seals which ensure cylinder longevity
  • Replaceable cutting edges which are reversible
  • Heavy duty structural components including mouldboard, grader mounts and pivot arms, all manufactured from high quality steel through proven processes
  • Hard-wearing pins and greased bushes in all functional pivot points
  • Adaptable mounts which suit all grader makes and models
  • Various blade widths from 2.5m-3.4m to fit almost all makes and models of grader

Grader Blade Options

The modular design of Gessner’s grader blades enables a range of operational capabilities as either ex-factory assembly or as individual tilt and angle kits fitted at a later date.

Option One – Hydraulic Lift

The basic parallelogram hydraulic lift push blade which provides lift capability on a vertical axis only.

Option Two – Hydraulic Lift and Tilt

The same design as option one, with the addition of a heavy duty tilt kit which provides tilting capability of 15 degrees left and right, in addition to movement on a vertical axis.

Option Three – Hydraulic Lift, Tilt and Angle

The ultimate in operational capability, utilising both the lift and tilt elements of options one and two, with the addition of push angle adjustment cylinders. This allows 20 degrees of left and right angle adjustment.

To find out more about this product please contact Gessner for more information on +61 (0) 7 4615 0100.
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“Your company’s workmanship is superb. The attention to detail and finish is unrivalled in my experience. I feel I will get many hours of service from the attachments. Your front line staff were also very professional in their dealings with me. Their approach was both friendly and knowledgeable”

Mark Bryant


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