Lewis Rippers – Dozer, Wheel Loader, Grader

Whether you’re looking for a dozer ripper, grader ripper or wheel loader ripper, genuine Lewis Rippers have been the trusted name in rippers for over 50 years.

Lewis Rippers – Dozer, Wheel Loader, Grader

Lewis Rippers have been the trusted name in rippers for over 50 years and nothing compares to the performance, quality, and durability of a genuine Lewis Ripper manufactured by Gessner Industries.

Lewis Dozer Rippers

The versatility and durability of Gessner’s range of Lewis dozer rippers ensures your operational requirements are met. For standard ripping applications, choose a parallelogram lift ripper group. For added depth and penetration power, install a hydraulic variable pitch assembly and take on any job.

All Gessner dozer rippers feature high tensile, wear-resistant shanks and replaceable ground engaging boots, reducing the risk of worn-out equipment and expensive repair costs. Various configurations are available to suit one, two, three or more shanks.

Lewis Wheel Loader Rippers

Whether you’re running a 120HP wheel loader for civil engineering purposes or operating in a mine with 300HP+, Gessner provides ripper options for all wheel loaders, from small to large.

Customised to your specifications, Gessner loader rippers are available in rigid tyne or swivel tyne configurations. Each loader ripper is designed to suit the loader model to which it is being fitted, ensuring full machine functionality is retained.

In addition to offering factory fitment, Gessner Lewis wheel loader rippers may be supplied as a kit and shipped with detailed fitting instructions for added convenience.

Lewis Grader Rippers

Gessner manufactures rear mounted grader ripper assemblies for all makes of graders. All grader rippers are designed to give maximum lift and minimal interference to the back of the machine, providing seamless operation capability.

They can be supplied with various ripper shank and scarifier shank configurations to suit individual requirements.

For added strength, rippers fitted to high-horsepower graders are designed with a wider section ripper beam. This provides space for the W-Pattern scarifier box configuration which is proven to greatly improve trash clearance.

  • Fabricated ripper beam with 3 internal rigid shank sockets
  • Tow point mounted on centre of beam
  • Fabricated bottom arm with internal stiffeners
  • Line-bored mounts which are machined to suit existing dozer mount points
  • 5′ lift cylinders with induction hardened chrome shafts and replaceable seals
  • 400 grade high-tensile steel tynes which are flame cut, machined and hand-shaped to suit CAT OEM ground engaging tools
  • High-tensile pins through functional pivot points with oil-infused bushes
  • Hydraulic lines run to 6-port splitter block
  • Operated with existing dozer controls
  • Lewis Rippers in certain models are capable of ripping 40% deeper than the OEM ripper.
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