Scarimaster Farm Cultivator & Planter

With multiple configuration options, the Scarimaster cultivator and planter can be adapted to suit even the toughest environments and applications.

When it comes to broadacre farm cultivation equipment, the Gessner Scarimaster has all your bases covered. With multiple frame width and configuration options, the Scarimaster farm cultivator and planter can be adapted to suit even the toughest environments and applications.

The robust 5-bar frame design using heavy duty RHS, combined with premium Gessner attachments makes the Scarimaster the ultimate broadacre cultivation and planting machine.

With our onsite engineering team, we can customise the frame width and tyne spacings to meet your needs. Or you can choose one of our standard frame widths (12m, 18m and 24m) and standard tyne spacings which start from 200mm.

To provide you with ease of transportation between paddocks, the Scarimaster cultivator features hydraulic single fold and double fold options, depending on your machine width and customer preference.

Gessner farm cultivator hitches are designed to provide durability, reliability and ease of use, so various linkage options are offered including three point hitch for smaller machines, and rigid trailing hitch and floating trailing hitch for larger machines.

  • All pivot points feature hardened chrome pins and oil infused bushes
  • Tyne assemblies feature adjustable under-frame clearance, ranging from 760mm to 900mm with direct drill tynes, and 690mm to 840mm for cultivator shanks
  • Wheel spacings customisable to suit controlled traffic configurations
  • Large 15.50/80 x 24 Gripster pattern wheel equipment on the centre section and wings provide the Scarimaster with superior floatation
  • Floating hitch models include 360° swivelling castor wheels which feature wide parallelogram anchor points
  • Wheels feature turnbuckle mechanical depth control with phasing cylinders
  • Road clearance maximum 400mm, depending on ground engaging tool selection and underframe clearance configuration
  • All rigid hitch models are level lift providing easy set-up capability.

Tyne configurations available

  • 650lb spring release with either:
    • straight spring steel tyne fitted with a 50° cultivator shank
    • straight spring steel tyne fitted with spear point and seeding tube
    • curved spring steel tyne fitted with spear point and seeding tube

Optional Attachments

  • In-frame press wheel assemblies
  • Spring release coulter assemblies
To find out more about this product please contact Gessner for more information on +61 (0) 7 4615 0100.
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