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Proudly Australian family-owned & manufactured since 1975.

Gessner is passionate about the rural communities in which we operate, and ensuring our customers experience the advantages of using the highest quality equipment.

Get the job done faster

With Gessner’s innovative range of farm equipment and earthmoving attachments You’ll Get the job done faster.

Earthmoving Range

Agriculture Range

We build our farm equipment to outlast and outperform in even the harshest conditions.

Earthmoving range

We know how important it is to you to keep your earthmoving equipment moving, so we build our attachments for maximum durability.

outlast & outperform

At Gessner, we build our machinery to outlast and outperform in even the harshest conditions, so that you can keep going year after year.

maximum durability

Our equipment is built for maximum durability, giving you lower maintenance and repair costs, and less downtime.

Return on investment

Gessner’s range of farm and earthmoving equipment are well-known for their high resale value. Our professional staff are here to help you maximise your productivity and profitability.


As market leaders in innovation, our full-time specialised engineering and design department can customise equipment to meet your needs.

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Earthmoving Range

Broadacre Equipment

At Gessner, we manufacture all of our broadacre agriculture equipment with unrivalled strength, reliability, and quality. 

Earthmoving Range

Row Crop Equipment

Whether you’re planting cotton, corn, soybean, sorghum, or more, take a look at our range to discover the Gessner difference. 

Earthmoving Range

Sugarcane Equipment

Gessner’s range of sugarcane machinery leads the way in engineering innovation and quality manufacturing.

Earthmoving Range

Industrial Attachments

Gessner Industries earthmoving attachments are built to outlast and outperform in even the harshest conditions.

Featured products



Gessner’s uniquely designed Bedformer is specifically engineered to accommodate almost all bed depth and width requirements, making it easier to increase your yield potential.

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Patriot Parallelogram Tyne Planter

Patriot Parallelogram Tyne Planter

Gessner’s Patriot parallelogram tyne planter is purpose-built to perform in Australia’s tough growing conditions, providing an optimal, hard-wearing planting solution to Australian farmers.

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Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR)

Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR)

Maximise your yield potential with Australia’s deepest ripper, the Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR). Hydraulic controlled shanks with the strength and flexibility to deep rip to a depth of 700mm.

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What our customers say

“Your company’s workmanship is superb. The attention to detail and finish is unrivalled in my experience. I feel I will get many hours of service from the attachments. Your front line staff were also very professional in their dealings with me. Their approach was both friendly and knowledgeable”

Mark Bryant

Ernestina Plains, Queensland


Contact our team at Gessner to discuss your needs and a customised solution.