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Gessner Industries specialised agricultural machinery range includes the Landmaster and Patriot seeding bars.

Made in Toowoomba, Queensland, Gessner’s seeders and tool bars are providing broadacre farmers around Australia with reliable and accurate planting results.

The Patriot was released in 2017 while the Landmaster has been in production for more than a decade. Both have been producing excellent results throughout many grain growing areas of Australia.


The Patriot  is available in frame sizes of 12m, 18m 24m and 36m but custom width builds are available. Row spacings of 250mm, 300mm, 333mm, 375mm, 400mm or 500mm are also available.

Models with 12m frames are three-section, 18m and 24m are five-section while 36m machines are seven-section frames.

Folding options include a single fold on 12m machines, while 18m and 24m machines are available as a single or double-fold and the 36m machines are end-tow as an option.

A heavy-duty build stems from frame designs which incorporate three 100x100x9mm toolbars with castor wheels at the front and fixed mounts at the rear.

Parallelogram tine units have adjustable hydraulic breakout force from 136kg to 318kg (300 – 700lb).

Total vertical travel from the working position is 500mm, with 200mm down and 300mm up and seeding depth as standard is 150mm, adjustable in 6mm increments.

Gessner’s operations manager Ray Finnie said Patriots are usually made as a tow behind unit but a wide variety of custom options are available.

“All our gear is manufactured in Toowoomba so we can pretty much customise a bar to very specific requirements,” Ray said.

“We use a proven base design which incorporates hardened chrome pivots and nylon bushes which provide an extremely long service life.

“We also offer a large variety of options on packer wheels with different profiles and compounds to suit a range of soil conditions.

“Our Patriot is also a true 1:1 ratio parallelogram design and we have a range of double and single shoot boot options available.”


The Landmaster is available in 12m, 18m and 24m working widths, with row spacings of 333mm, 375mm and 500mm. Working widths of up to 36m can also be custom ordered. Toolbar frames are 100mm x100mm x9mm RHS.

Ray said the Landmaster has three ranks of tines, which is the same on the Patriot and features hydraulic downforce adjustment for the parallelogram and tine break out. Independent, floating presswheels (available in a range of profiles and compounds) are standard.

For excellent penetration and accuracy, leading the tine is a 508mm (20-inch) diameter coulter sandwiched in a 356mm (14-inch) rubber-coated drum depth wheel.

Parallelogram downforce is simple to adjust with a range of 20 – 250kg. Adjustment is made via a hydraulic cylinder.

Tines are 25mm x 50mm with a working depth of 25mm – 250mm. Depth adjustment is in 12mm increments.

Ray said the Landmaster is renowned for its seeding accuracy, providing consistent depth placement and good crop germination.

“It’s a very robust machine, able to seek soil moisture year after year.”

What the customers say

Clint Della Bosca, W&D Della Bosca and Son, crops about 5500ha annually on his property at Southern Cross in Western Australia.

Clint bought a 12m wide Landmaster seeding bar four years ago which he uses to plant most of his program of wheat, barley, canola, lupins, oats, vetch and mustard.

“As far as the cereal cropping goes, the Landmaster is by far the best seeding system we have ever used,” Clint said.

He particularly likes the Landmaster’s ability to adapt to varying soil conditions.

“We run an open hydraulic circuit on the downforce which lets us change the pressure on the parallelogram depending on soil types and conditions.

“This is especially handy in country where we have deep ripped. As a result we see a very even germination of the crop.”

Clint said his crops are looking reasonable at this stage of the year and hopes to achieve about average yields for the season.

The Landmaster’s moisture seeking ability has been a godsend for Andrew Arthur, Arthur Agriculture Pty Ltd at Goondiwindi, Queensland.

Andrew runs a consulting business and farm and while many of his clients have run Landmaster seeding bars for almost a decade, he bought one about three years ago.

“The Landmaster’s ability to place the seed to depths of 175 – 200mm has meant the difference between having grain to harvest and not in the past few very dry seasons,” Andrew said.

He expects this year’s barley to yield close to three tonnes to the hectare with rainfall of about 50mm on the crop since planting.

“My wife Rebecca does her share of the planting and she says the Landmaster has the ability to put the seed ‘right in the sweet spot’ where the moisture is. It’s one of those things we have real confidence in,” Andrew said.

The Arthur’s 12m Landmaster is also very easy to use, according to Andrew.

“Our soil types vary from heavy black clays to red soils and we can change the down force on the parallelogram with hydraulics on the go from the tractor cab. And we have never changed the press wheel pressure as it works fine in most conditions. Its simplicity of operation would no doubt be a big bonus when it comes to the challenge of finding skilled labour.”

Quality processes throughout

Gessner has built a reputation of providing products that will operate in hostile environments with little maintenance, consistent output and sold at a price that reflects value for money.

Continuous innovation in manufacturing processes and materials, combined with total involvement with customers, suppliers and employees are the means of achieving the company’s goals.

Gessner’s head office and modern manufacturing base is in Toowoomba, Qld where the business is owned and operated by Michael and Jim O’Connor. A highly-qualified management team is in place directing about 50 staff members.

Michael O’Connor said their range of rippers is a good example of the focus on high-quality and durability.

“We use quality RHS with a fully welded clamp and bolted frame sections which may cost a little more but is well worth it,” Michael said.

“With our business supplying the likes of Caterpillar and Komatsu, we are held to a very high quality account and this is factored into every product we make.”

Gessner’s agricultural range of equipment covers sugar cane, grain, cotton and general farming applications. The nature of the products manufactured places particular emphasis on experience, workmanship, capability and quality.

All Gessner products are backed up with catalogued spare parts inventory, to give fast and efficient turn around to the dealer and customer.

Gessner owners should be assured that when spares are needed, their requirements will be given first-class service.

For more details, contact Gessner on phone (07) 4615 0100.