Gessner 12M ‘Special Case’ Landmaster a Hit – Review by Adam Bensch, Moonie NSW

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Adam approached Gessner to upgrade the winter crop planter in mixed soil types ranging from lighter red to brown clay loams to heavier melon hole self-mulching grey vertosols.

Running a mixed 1,500ha property of cattle/cropping west of Moonie, there is plenty of planting to get through each season.  When the time came to retire the previous planter, a direct drill straight tyne with knife points and press wheels, there were several items on the wish list for the replacement implement.

Adam was seeking an implement built to last with quality workmanship.  It needed to be durable yet straightforward in design and function and have low maintenance requirements.  Most importantly, the company wanted an implement that would give them significant planting depth for their crops consisting of grazing oats, wheat, barley, and chickpeas.

Gessner 12M 'Special Case' Landmaster a Hit

12M Landmaster “Special Case”

After some lengthy discussions with Ray Finnie at Gessner, he decided to order a 12m Landmaster with 15″ spacings. After many years and planting many acres with the retired planter, Adam was pleased to find an Australian Made product, competitively priced, that could solve some of the limitations they had been experiencing primarily around tyne breakout and seed placement.

Adam comments they have not been disappointed with the performance or quality of the implement since it arrived in its customised paint job of Case Red to match the tractor.

Moving to a parallelogram tyne machine was the next step for achieving significant gains of accurate seed depth, placement and evenness of establishment, in his undulating melon hole influenced country.   

Adam used the newly received Landmaster to plant a winter crop and was extremely pleased with the results across all the soil and crop types.  He saw even crop germination after planting with the Gessner Landmaster and was impressed by his chickpea plantings at 5-6″ deep in some tightly compacted soil.  

Gessner 12M 'Special Case' Landmaster a Hit

Ready to Plant – Gessner’s 12M Landmaster

He said, “The ability of the Landmaster to plant at a constant depth demonstrated its moisture seeking abilities.  There was more breakout pressure up the sleeve, and this gave me the confidence that the implement would be able to go to 8″ for chickpeas in those drier planting conditions when we have to chase the moisture.”

“I am impressed with my whole experience at Gessner. The team have been great to deal with and were happy to customise certain features of the unit to accommodate our usage and needs.  The Landmaster tyne depths is easy to adjust, and varying the breakout pressure was quick and easy as well.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend the Gessner Landmaster to other growers who want a durable, simple and easy to use parallelogram tyne planter built with quality and strength,” says Adam.

Quite simply – Gessner – Built to Outlast and Outperform.

Gessner 12M 'Special Case' Landmaster a Hit

In assembly – ‘Special Case’ 12M Landmaster