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Single Disc GSD 500 Brochure
Single Disc GSD 500 Brochure

The Gessner GSD500 is designed to provide a versatile, durable and effective solution for various planting applications. GSD units can be provided on purpose-built frames available in a range of configurations including three pointlinkage, trailing, folding, single bar and two bar, ensuring that your planting requirements are catered for. Alternatively, GSD units may be purchased individually and fitted to your current planting frame. 

Standard GSD500 Product Features:

  • GSD Units are available to suit 100mm x 100mm and 178mm x 178mm bars. 
  • 500mm coulters which provide excellent trash management.
  • Coulter hubs feature fully sealed bearing system protected by dual triple lip marine grade seals.
  • Units feature 30mm x 120mm high tensile alloy mainframe side arms.
  • Semi-Pneumatic press wheels feature double wall thickness for added durability.
  • Unit depth settings can be incrementally adjusted via the adjuster hand grip.
  • Spring pressure ranges from 120kg to 280kg, easily adjusted through four pin settings.
  • Spring carrier unit adjustment allows units to be lifted to the park position, providing alternate row spacing capability.
  • Mud scrapers ensure continuous ground engaging capability.
  • Pivot points feature oil infused outer bushes and hardened chrome pins.
  • Units weigh 130kgs, providing the capability to perform in zero-till conditions.

GSD units may be purchased individually and fitted to your current planting frame.