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Stick Rakes and Tree Spears


Gessner's Stick Rakes & Tree Spears are engineered to suit a wide range of application requirements.


Heavy-duty construction is the cornerstone of low-maintenance and consistent performance.


Plus hard-wearing materials for a long service life.


Stick Rakes:

  • Each Gessner stick rake features a fully fabricated main beam with an internal stiffener which provides maximum structural support for the beam and prevents tyne failure. 
  • Stick rake tynes may be supplied as a solid plate, or fabricated option and are manufactured from 400-450 grade high tensile alloy steel to minimise wear. 
  • The unique design of Gessner Stick Rakes provides the capability to carry the load, not just push it; which facilitates maximum use of horsepower. 
  • Drive-in rakes feature a forward angle radiator guard to protect the front of the dozer from debris. 
  • Gessner rakes may be supplied with drive-in or pin-on attachment systems depending on the width of the rake and dozer horsepower. 
  • Swing down legs support the rake when not in use. 
  • Gessner Also offers stick rakes for Wheel Loaders which may be fitted via quick hitch or pin-in linkage systems.

Tree Spears:

Trunnion mount spears:

  • Large section boxed construction with gussets and lamination plates to ensure maximum strength.
  • HT teeth come as standard.
  • Ball and cup connection allows some twisting force applicable through blade-tilt.

Blade mount spears: 

  • Mounting style allows for the spear to stay on the blade with a stickrake if required.
  • Top mounts are slotted through the blade with lamination plates at rear to minimise flex and possible cracking.


Gessner Stick Rakes