More than just another product

Gessner focuses on providing cost competitive equipment to meet operating outcomes for our clients by adopting a collaborative approach to business from design to delivery that ensures the right outcome is achieved

The origin of the first Gessner product can be traced back to a ‘Rigid-tyne Chisel Plough’ built more than 38 years ago. Over the years, Gessner has developed numerous new products for a variety of applications in modern agricultural farming. Even so the original chisel plough remains a relevant implement in today’s market.

The applications for Gessner agricultural equipment have extended to include the broad acre grain, row-crop and cotton, sugar cane and general farming applications.

Our standard agricultural equipment range has been extensively tested over time to provide consistent performance and longevity and our highly skilled in-house design team are capable of making any design alteration necessary for unique environments and applications.

Gessner's Agricultural Product range is extensive with Broadacre Planters configured with hydraulic parallelogram tyne, rigid spring tyne, single and double disc, from 8mtr single bars to 24mtr multi bar double fold. A range of row crop equipment including Deep Rippers, Bedformers, Root Cutters and more. Sugar Cane Equipment is also covered from Fertiliser Rigs , Cultivators to Single and Double Row Billet Planters.

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