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Gessner focuses on providing cost competitive equipment to meet operating outcomes for our clients by adopting a collaborative approach to business from design to delivery that ensure the right outcome is achieved

Lewis rippers for dozers, loaders and graders have been manufactured since the mid 1960’s. The unique design of Lewis Rippers provides machine operators with the ability and capacity to carry out work on large-scale jobs with smaller machines, maximising productivity and overall return on investment.

Gessner Industries purchased Lewis Rippers in 1987 and carried on the development of a range of rippers and equipment that whilst unique in design, is complementary to OEM equipment.

Since its acquisition, Gessner Industries has manufactured over 1800 Lewis ripper assemblies, serving the needs of industry leaders in earthmoving equipment and individual client special needs.

Gessner’s emphasis on product quality and continual innovation has strengthened the Lewis product range to the point at which it is a preferred aftermarket brand by leading dozer, loader and grader suppliers including Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, John Deere and Case. This brand preference reflects the excellence in engineering exhibited by Gessner.


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